Benjamin Seabury


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Benjamin Seabury

Ben Seabury is President of 1100 Group, a dedicated father and retired semi-professional football player. He came up through the ranks of the restaurant world during the tough old days where wages were low and the days were long. Tempers and egos were common and Ben will always remember those tough years as the precipice for change.

It is that change that Ben spearheads every day for the 1100 Group. Focused on dignity, reputation, kindness and growth, Ben realizes that a company is only as strong as its employees and that all people should be treated fairly and with respect. Ben has created this caring and sustainable model of restaurant operations with his team by consistently honing in on stability, results and accountability. By increasing revenue at existing units, developing new streams of income, fine-tuning policies and procedures, the 1100 Group, under his direction, is an industry-leader in profit margins.

Driven by his competitive spirit and desire for transparent honesty in business, Ben is excited for the imminent growth and success of the 1100 Group and its broad client base. With his family above all, he credits much of his ability to operate in these waters to his amazing wife, Kim, and three bubbly, young daughters, who help him enjoy life to the fullest.