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1100 Group is a restaurant management and consulting company driven by integrity, hospitality and entrepreneurial leadership. Our restaurants provide high-quality food, enjoyable settings, and great personal interactions. We operate our businesses in a state of open communication, ethical integrity and with respect for everyone. 

We offer a full array of restaurant consulting services that go beyond advisory practices. Our diverse and experienced team can improve every aspect of your restaurant or food service establishment using methods crafted over decades in the industry.  We focus on developing current businesses’ strong suits while sharing our knowledge and resources to streamline their operations and increase both customer satisfaction and profitability. 

The difference between us and most consultancies is our hands-on approach. Literally. We work side by side with business owners –whether in the kitchen or back office– to ensure a mutual understanding of the situation and implementation of the solution. Our team of seasoned professionals has worked in all facets of the food and hospitality industry, culminating in years of experience, using proven methods of success.  After decades of meaningful work we’ve acquired many resources and developed systems that generate revenue growth and well-trained employees.


Growth & Revenue

  • Sustained Profitability
  • Cost Controls
  • Structure
  • Vision
  • Vendor Relations
  • Real Estate Negotiations
  • Investor Relations
  • Financial Systems

Food Production

  • Menu Development
  • Interior Design
  • Work Flow 
  • Bar Development
  • Wine Program Development

Human Resources

  • Legal Compliance
  • Payroll
  • Hiring/Termination Guidelines
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Handbooks 


  • Marketing
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Restaurant Closure
  • Social Media
  • Online Accounts

And more.

Is this all we do? Absolutely not! Our decades of experience in restaurants and management means we can address whatever area of business we’re tasked to improve. We love the unique challenge and environment of each business we work with and will tailor our services to your individual needs.




We know from experience that one size doesn’t fit all, so we begin every consulting relationship by working with our clients to create a plan and approach that will deliver the results our client needs as efficiently as possible. If you work with us, this is what you can expect:

  • We schedule an initial call with you to get an overview of your operation, where you are performing well and where you are looking for improvement. We will also answer any questions you have.
  • Next, we will do an on-site assessment of your establishment, free of charge. We generally visit your location once anonymously to view operations and customer experience, and if appropriate, a second time to audit your internal and administrative functions.
  • After assessing your business, we will provide you with a tailored proposal. Depending on your communicated needs, pricing may be structured hourly, weekly, or on a contract basis.
  • When the contract is finalized, we will assign our best-suited team members to each area we are attending to, and introduce you and your staff to the team who will be working with you.
  • Once you know your 1100 Group team, we will integrate them into your operations in according to the contract. This is one of the ways we’re different – we don’t just tell you what to do, we implement it with you. We’ll hop on the line to cook, host, and generally play as a part of your team to craft a way of doing business that works.
  • After new systems have been tailored to meet the needs of your business, we will spend the majority of our contract training staff and creating fluency in these systems to ensure that our time with you makes a lasting change.
  • During the last portion of our contract, we withdraw from operations and enter a monitoring period looking for any areas where the new approach is not firmly in place, and re-training to ensure consistency.

At the end of our term, we will present you, the client, with a comprehensive final report on what you can expect going forward. Because we believe that long-term growth and implementation require long-term oversight, you can expect to see us even after the end of our contract with you. We will check in weekly for the first month, then quarterly over the next year, and provide input as desired.



Earlier this year we enlisted 1100 Group to help us tighten our business model at Café Romanat in Oakland. We serve traditional Ethiopian cuisine and exist in fairly competitive market here in the East Bay. Prior to 1100 Group we relied solely on the quality of our food, word of mouth and Yelp reviews. We had success with this and didn’t deviate much from our model of producing fresh food, using quality ingredients, and providing good service. We are a family-run business and were happy with how things were going but we starting having an itch to grow and do more with the great foundation we already had.

1100 Group came in to help us out in February 2017. They helped us many ways. Functionally, they helped us manage and streamline our kitchen process. New equipment was brought in and our layout was redesigned to make our work flow more efficient. A profession chef was brought to help create a recipe book that would make training easier while assuring that our dishes stay consistent.

Aesthetically, we upgraded our menu content and pricing, 1100 Group helped us design a new logo and menu that really gave our business a new and fresh look. They also helped with a totally new sharp website that is mobile friendly.  They also introduced us to Caviar online delivery service through which we have seen approximately $5,000 in sales a month! In addition to the technological advances 1100 Group also came into helped with our interior design giving our dining area a more pleasing and comforting feel. 

1100 Group greatly improved our bar situation, providing a great wine list that really matched well with our food. Our wine sales have doubled since we introduced our 1100 Group wine list.  Overall I can recommend 1100 Group for any restaurant that wants to take their game to the next level. They are professional but friendly, and really bring a ton of experience that will use to fit your business. We have seen a 15% increase in sales pretty much immediately!

Harinet Hagos 

Owner, Café Romanat


As a “working owner “ of restaurants, often the scope of your operation can become impossible to tame alone. I needed help balancing my day to day operations with the gigantic workload of employee relations, maintenance, accounting, profit and loss monitoring and so much more. The 1100 Group has taken my operations and organized them, focused our goals and showed me how to put the right people in place to make my dream a success.

Every member of the 1100 management team has 15 plus years of experience in the restaurant industry and all come with powerful skill sets. Most importantly, their diverse team has ability to communicate on all levels with myself and my employees and continue to keep us focused on our goals. Together they are an operating team like no other!

Ryan Murff (Boss Burger, Café Eugene)


How are contracts/projects priced? . . .

Our pricing is dependent on the type of project. We offer hourly, weekly, monthly and flat contract rates so that we can meet any of your needs.

There are some services I don’t see listed on your website. Who can help me with those?. . .

If you have any needs that aren’t covered by our offerings, we have a network of reliable and experienced local providers who can help you, just let us know what you’re looking for.

Do you only work with restaurants?. . .

No, we have a broad experience base that includes packaged foods, distribution and transport as well as restaurants and food trucks. If we can help, we will. If what you need isn’t in our wheel house, we’ll let you know.

What makes you different from other consultants?. . .

We’re operators. Unlike some consultants, we still run our own restaurants, so we have our finger on the pulse of the industry. We work side by side with you to implement our solutions so we can realize the change you want to see in your business together.

Can I hire you to operate my restaurant?. . .

Yes! We have experience with a variety of relationships with the companies we work with, and can absolutely operate your establishment if our services and philosophy are a fit for you.

What’s your favorite thing about working with other restaurants?. . .

Ben: The education. We are teachers and students through and through. Every restaurant we work with teaches us something, and gives us the opportunity to teach and grow what we know.

Susannah: I love getting to share my passion for real hospitality and taking care of people. Every business we work with gives us a chance to contribute to making restaurant jobs great jobs.

Michael: I thoroughly enjoy understanding how restaurants are operated and interacting with the teams that run them. Every restaurant is different and has it’s own set of systems and organization, which invigorates my passion for problem solving and systems management.

Chris: As a chef my favorite part of working with other restaurants is the symbiotic learning that takes place. While I have the chance to help streamline systems, implement changes, and work on recipes I also get the chance to learn something new; whether that be a new cuisine or a way of doing something I am always looking for the opportunity grow and pass that knowledge on to my next client.