1100 Group is a restaurant management and consulting company driven by integrity, hospitality and entrepreneurial leadership. Our restaurants provide high-quality food, enjoyable settings and great personal interactions. We operate our businesses in a state of open communication, ethical integrity and with respect for everyone. 

We offer a full array of restaurant consulting services that go beyond advisory practices. Our diverse and experienced team can improve every aspect of your restaurant or food service establishment using methods crafted over decades in the industry.  We focus on developing current businesses’ strong suits while sharing our knowledge and resources to streamline their operations and increase both customer satisfaction and profitability. 

The difference between us and most consultancies is our hands-on approach. Literally. We work side by side with business owners –whether in the kitchen or back office– to ensure a mutual understanding of the situation and implementation of the solution. Our team of seasoned professionals has worked in all facets of the food and hospitality industry, culminating in years of experience, using proven methods of success.  After decades of meaningful work we’ve acquired many resources and developed systems that generate revenue growth and well-trained employees.