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Susannah Blumenstock

Susannah is a Bay Area native that started working in the restaurant industry when she was 18, while dancing with a local modern dance company. She fell in love with the creativity and dedication that she found throughout the hospitality industry. During her dance career and her time at Saint Mary’s College of California, she worked at fine-dining establishments throughout the Bay Area, including Oliveto, Hawthorne Lane and Garibaldi’s.

In 2009 she made the step into management, and was promoted to General Manager of Garibaldi’s and Marzano restaurants (Oakland, CA) after only 4 months. She later opened Hudson as General Manager, where she stayed until she was hired by Jon Guhl as the Operations Manager for Little Star Pizza in the Mission and in Albany. During her time with Jon they have expanded from two locations to five. In 2015, she assisted Jon Guhl in the creation of the 1100 Group, and now acts as its CFO.

She is currently enrolled at UNLV in their School of Hospitality, working to obtain an MHA (Masters in Hospitality Management). She is also as certified Human Resources Professional. Susannah brings to her job a strong commitment to creating a nimble, streamlined organization and a deep dedication to the quality of life and development opportunities for all her employees. She sees the 1100 Group and all its operations as an opportunity to help each individual find their highest and best use, and to contribute to their satisfaction and quality of life.